We have great pleasure to inform you that SCAC has been recognized by GIS-IBiSA (Regroupment of Scientific Interest - Biology, Health and Agronomy Infrastructures) as Plateform for "Behavioural Analys...

About this website »

This website is powered by the following software and resources: PHP: Symfony2 FOSUserBundle (user authentication) Javascript interactions: jQuery jQuery UI (calendar widget) StickyTableH...

Cancelling reservations »

A request to cancel a reservation can now be sent from the website after habing clicked on a reservation.

Access request printing »

Once an access requested is completed, it can be printed before being sent to the SCAC.

Successive steps of access requests (validation, choice of tests, etc.) and reservations (validation, locking, etc.) are now displayed on the corresponding pages.

Tests and devices »

Tests and devices are now viewable by all the visitors, previously only logged in users were able to see these pages.

Multiple reservations »

When making a reservation, you can now add several time slots for the same test.

Devices' prices »

The price per hour for each device has been added on this website.

Filter for tests and devices »

The tests and devices can now be filtered by species (mouse or rat). Tests can also be filtered by their roles, e.g. tests involved when studying memory or motor disorders. These pages are only viewa...

French localisation »

The links to the different parts of this website are now available in english and french. You can switch the language with the link at the bottom of every page.

Tarification 2012-2013 »

TESTTarifs IRIB et autres GRRs (PU, HT)Tarifs Univ. Rouen hors GRRs (PU, HT)Tarifs Autres académies (PU, HT)Tarifs hors académiques (Privé) (PU, TTC) Activité locomotrice (VersaMax) 7 €/h (≤...